If you think your business is awesome, and want to celebrate your hard-working employees, now’s the time to enter for The Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards of Excellence.

To put your business forward, you need to submit your nominations and a short video via e-mail info@woodstockchamber.ca  by 4pm September 18, 2020.


What awards are available?

Our awards celebrate all that’s great in local businesses, and we’ve got six categories of awards, so all types of individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations can enter.

– Community Engagement Award

Apply if you can demonstrate outstanding commitment and involvement through endeavours for the betterment of our community and those who live within it.  This could include support of the arts & culture, amateur sports, education, youth and societal issues, for example.

– Outstanding Commercial/Retail Award

For an individual or business that can show commitment, innovation and excellence in their field. and also provide outstanding customer service.

– Outstanding Food Service Award

Show us how you or your business promotes excellence in the preparation and delivery of food by exhibiting superior preparation, delivery and customer service.

– Outstanding New Business Award

Is your business a new business created within the past 3 years? Or as a business owner,. have you taken a level of financial risk to create opportunities for local employment by expanding into new markets.

– Professional Services of the Year

For individuals or companies that have shown business growth, job creation and concern for employee relations and education, customer service, quality, community and charitable involvement.

– Young Entrepreneur/ Professional of the Year

Aged 40 or under? A young professional or entrepreneur who has taken risks to expand your business and or client base. This award is for you!

How to apply

First, you need to complete and submit a nomination for via this website – it’s at the bottom of the business awards page.

Then, you need to make a short video that explains why you think you should win the ward/s you’ve entered for. It’s that simple! Your video needs to be a one person “talking heads” style video – here’s an example:

Your video needs to be:

  • Shot on a cell phone in landscape mode (turn the phone on its side!)
  • Self-made (no professional videos please)
  • No longer than 2 minutes maximum
  • Filmed at your businesses location, if possible

Remember, people will be voting for the winner of each award by viewing these videos, so keep it real, and speak from the heart!

What can I talk about?

The only requirements are that you must include

  • the name of your business
  • the name and position of the person on the video

The rest is up to you! You can sell yourself/your business in your own words and your own way. If you need some ideas, we’ve put together some hints and tips for what to talk about in your video – you can download it here.

How to make a good video

As you probably know from months of lockdown Zoom and video conference calls, there are three main elements of any video that you really need to check before you start:

  1. Sound quality
  2. Lighting
  3. Background

Sound – keep it clear

We want to hear every word you have to say, so make sure you film your video with as little background noise as possible. You can use the microphone on your cell phone, or an external lapel or free-standing mic if you prefer. So long as it is clear and not muffled, or you are competing against machinery noise, that will be great.

Lighting – let us see your face

People buy people, so make sure your face is well lit and you talk as much as possible direct to camera. You want the light to fall on your face, and not be behind you. Try and use natural light where possible, as office lighting can wash out your face.

Background – show us your business

Unlike Zoom calls where you definitely didn’t want people to see your untidy bookshelves or kitchen cupboards, in this video you can show off your business premises! Choose somewhere that represents your business – your store frontage, your latest machinery, your distribution centre. If all you have to choose from are four walls, pick the most interesting one! For best results, rest the phone on something at the right height rather than hold it in your hand, so it doesn’t wobble about.

Practice with notes and a colleague!

Take time to do a practice video before you do the final version. You can then check the sound quality and the lighting, and get used to looking directly at the camera on your phone. You’ll also have a chance to practice your ‘pitch’ with notes if you need them.

It often helps to have someone look at the video either while you film it, or straight afterwards to check things like whether you move about a lot, or you’re standing in a position where a desk lamp seems to grow out of your head! Remember, this isn’t a professional video so it can be very simple, but keeping the video’s focus on you will help us as viewers  do the same.

Then, ditch the notes and do the final version straight to camera, from the heart, sharing the passion and vision you have for your business.

Sending us your video

There are three easy ways to send your video to us here at the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce:

  • You can email us your video to info@woodstockchamber.ca
  • You can set up a DropBox we can access – if you have a DropBox account already, this is really easy
  • You can send it via WeTransfer

You can send files of up to 2Gb in size free of charge, no sign-up required. You can send small files direct to an email address, or create a link for larger files to download at their convenience.

If the last two methods of sending video files are new to you, contact us via email gm@woodstockchamber.ca or call 519-539-9411 and we’ll help you set these up.

A deadline is a deadline

You need to fill in the nomination form and e-mail your video (or tell us how to access it using the methods above) by 4:00pm on Friday September 18, 2020. Please allow enough time to set up the DropBox or WeTransfer options well before the deadline, so you’re not rushing on the day.

Questions about your local Chamber’s Business Awards of Excellence?

Call us at 1 519 539 9411 or email us. We’re happy to help.