Certificates of Origin from your Chamber of Commerce

If your business exports goods, you may require a Certificate of Origin (CO). This document confirms that the exported goods within a shipment:

“Have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.”

Many countries view Canadian Chambers of Commerce as a credible organization, and so we can authenticate Certificates of origin with our Chamber stamp.

Who might require a Certificate of Origin from your business?

Certificates of Origin may be requested by

  • Customs
  • Importers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Banks for letters of credit clearance

How do I get a Certificate of Origin?

Your business will need to create the original required documents, giving full details of the shipment.

In order for the Chamber of Commerce to certify your documents, they need to be notarized. This process involves the author of the documents confirming that the facts in the documents are true, in front of a lawyer or a notary public.

This can be both costly and time-consuming, so you can also issue a letter of waiver. More info here

To certify your certificates, the Chamber requires:

  • Sight of all documents to review in advance of notarization
  • Copies of the original notarized documents OR a letter of waiver
  • Proof of your company’s registration in Canada
  • Your annual business license renewal

The final notarized documents will need to be couriered to one of our offices for final confirmation (call us for details).

Certificates of Origin online

You can also get certification completed online – Click Here.

Need help?

Call us at the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce office – we’re happy to help.