November 21, 2018 by Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Today, the federal government released the Fall Economic Update, which contains a number of important measures to address Canada’s competitiveness gap with other countries, but more urgently needs to be done.

Faster write-offs for new investment, regulatory reform and concrete actions to accelerate the removal of barriers to trade within Canada are all important steps in the right direction, and we applaud the government’s initiatives in these areas. Specifically, we welcome the government’s commitment to regulatory reform, as it reflects some of the core elements of our report, Death by 130,000 Cuts: Improving Canada’s Regulatory Competitiveness.

While the measures announced today will help address Canada’s competitiveness challenges, the Canadian Chamber remains concerned over a number of issues that have not been addressed, such as their lack of commitment to a full review of our tax system or set out a clear, realistic strategy for balancing the public books.

We will continue to work with the federal government to ensure the voice of the business community is heard in order to build a more prosperous Canada where all Canadians have the opportunity to succeed.
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