Chamber of Commerce FAQs

What is a chamber of commerce?

“A chamber of commerce is an organization of business and professional people whose goals are to promote their commercial interests, build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in their community, region, province/territory or country.”

What is the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce?

Our Woodstock Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit business organization which works to support and encourage business growth in Woodstock and District. All local level Chambers like ours are run by a Board of Directors drawn from members on a voluntary basis. The Chamber is part of the provincial and national Chambers of Commerce, and the wider international Chamber and /Boards of Trade networks.

What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

We promote, support and connect local people, to develop and grow their businesses. We support local Woodstock businesses through networking, events, advocacy and education, and help build better relationships between members and their businesses. Our passion is to see businesses grow and thrive in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Do you employ staff?

Yes. We have one full-time member of staff and one part-time member of staff. For more details, see the “Board of Directors” page.

How is the Woodstock Chamber financed?

We are entirely self-financed from membership fees, fund-raising events and projects.

How can my business join the Chamber of Commerce?

Joining is easy and membership is available for any size of business, from one employee to hundreds! For more details, including our sliding scale annual membership rates, see our Membership page.

Why is the local Chamber of Commerce important?

Your local Chamber of Commerce is important to the economic viability of your community. Local chambers advocate for changes and policies that will build a strong, competitive environment where business can thrive. Local Chambers promote initiatives that in turn create jobs, benefit businesses and individuals, and improve the lives of those within the community.

Why join a chamber of commerce?

By joining your local Chamber of Commerce, you can access a wealth of support, information, advice, bottom-line business benefits, and even discounts. For full list of benefits of Chamber of Commerce membership, see our Chamber of Commerce perks page!

Who can come to Chamber events?

If your business or organization is a member of Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, you and your employees can attend any Chamber event. Some of our events are open to the general public too, such as our regional food event, Forks and Corks.

Is there a dress code for Chamber events?

In general, come in comfortable business clothes. If you’re attending our Business after Five networking meetings, just come in the clothes you wore to work – no need to change. For special events, such as our business awards dinner and golf tournament, dress code will be specified on the invite.

Should I join my local Chamber of Commerce, or the national Chamber?

When you join your local Chamber of Commerce, you automatically join the whole network of chambers within Canada, currently numbering more than 420.

By investing in membership at a local level, you can access all the benefits of the provincial and national Chambers resources, influence, and expertise, as well as tapping into a global movement of Chambers and Boards of Trade. By joining your local Chamber of Commerce, your business shows its commitment to the community it serves, and in turn, gives your business greater credibility and status.

My business listing needs updating. How can I update it?

When you first join the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, you’ll be issued a log-in to your online business listing. Simply use this to log in to your own profile, and change your listing as much as you wish. You can do this any time online. If you require any help, just call our General Manager Kim Whitehead, who will be happy to guide you through the process.

How can I tell if the business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

The easiest way is to simply look at the Business Directory here on this website. This lists all the member businesses. You can search by name, business type, and other criteria to make it easier to find a business you require. This directory is one of the most valuable benefits of being a member, as anyone, member or not, can view it at any time.

How can I get involved in my local Chamber of Commerce?

We always welcome business people who want to get involved, as the Chamber is entirely run on a voluntary basis. Why not join one of our committees, or put yourself up for election to join the Board of Directors. If you prefer just to be part of the chamber, there are lots of ways to be involved, from our regular networking evenings to social events. Just browse around this website and find something you’d love to be part of!

Can I advertise my business with the Chamber?

Yes, all members can advertise through the Chamber. For full details of all the advertising opportunities, see our Advertising page.

Can I sponsor a Chamber of Commerce event?

Yes! We welcome the sponsorship of various aspects of our most popular social events by our member businesses. For example, you could sponsor a tee at our annual golf tournament. For more details see our sponsorship page.

What discounts are available to Chamber members?

Membership of the chamber entitles you to a variety of discounts, including our popular employee benefits plan. You’ll also find discounts across Canada, and from local businesses on a member to member basis. It all adds up to a very cost-effective way to both promote your business and save money at the same time!

Do you issue Certificates of Origin?

The Chamber can help you obtain a certified Certificate of Origin for goods you wish to export from Canada to abroad. For more information, see our Certificate of Origin page.

How much does it cost to join the Chamber of Commerce?

We have a specific membership fee structure depending on how many employees you have in your business. For more information on 2019 member rates, see our membership page.