Get involved with your local Chamber

Every Canadian Chamber of Commerce is run by the members, and for the members. At Woodstock, we employ a full-time General Manager, Kim Whitehead, and have an office located in the center of town.

We are members of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce who provide us with advocacy channels, support and valuable resources. This enables us to help you and your business grow with confidence.

How you can get involved

Behind your local Chamber is a dedicated Board of Directors drawn from the membership, and various Committees to help shape and organize aspects of our activities. (You can meet our current Board and staff here.)  We’re always keen to recruit new Board members, and to increase participation in the various committees.

Our committees normally meet once a month except for July and August, and are open to any current, active member. Our current committees are:

  • Business Awards of Excellence
  • Golf Tournament
  • Branding
  • Forks & Corks
  • Finance
  • Business After Five

Your Chamber, your AGM(s)

Every year the Chamber holds an Annual General Meeting, and details will be sent by email to all active members in advance. All members are invited to attend and vote on the future of what is, after all, your Chamber!

We also can send representatives from our Chamber here in Woodstock to the annual AGM of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and also to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM and Convention, held in September.

Over 320 chamber of commerce executives and community business leaders attended the 2018 Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM and Convention. A packed agenda including the opportunity to discuss the economic and political challenges for Canadian business, and helping grass root member chambers be more successful advocates for their own business communities.

Education and mentoring

The Chamber is keen to foster a program of continuing business education, and welcome any members with experience to submit new ideas and methods to help us develop this. Plans so far include live webinars (building on those already available through the national Chamber).

For more details please contact the General Manager, Kim Whitehead.