Over 300 local businesses are members of the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and are already reaping the benefits. Whether you’re looking to network, or support other local businesses, joining a chamber of commerce is a step in the right direction. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce:

1. Networking Events: The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly meetings, giving members the opportunity to connect and grow with other local businesses.

2. Member Savings: Local businesses supporting local businesses – chamber members offer their products and services for a valued price to other members. By joining the Woodstock Chamber, you are given access to Affinity Programs, OCC Programs and Member Incentives.

3. Business Directory: Chamber members receive a premiere business directory to local businesses, giving them more opportunities to grow and connect with other businesses in the area.

4. Featured Listings: Members are given the chance to promote their business on the Woodstock Chamber directory, homepage and monthly Members Newsletter. This gives members both online and offline exposure in the community.

5. Supporting Local Businesses: The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce has been supporting, promoting and connecting local businesses for 140 years. Through networking, events, advocacy, and education – the Chamber builds strong relationships between members and their businesses.

The Woodstock Chamber wants to help your business grow and thrive, become a member today to experience these benefits and more.

Why to Join a Chamber of Commerce